Saturday, January 12, 2008

Downtown with Jessica

Well, here comes a blog entry with enough photos to kill your computer.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting some photos with Jessica and her daughter, Carrine.  Although the weekend was one of the wettest on record, we somehow managed to catch a break in the weather and were able to hit downtown for a quick urban portrait session.

Jessica and Carrine, thank you two so much for the opportunity and for taking a chance with the weather as it was.  It was a joy hanging out with the two of you in a fairly deserted downtown Fresno.

Here are some of the highlights, starting with the awesome duo:
And a few of the cutiepie by herself:

And we're off and going:

A quick change of location and outfit and we are shooting again:

Looks like summer:Jess's favorite:Check out the stormy sky:One more location:
Probably my three favorite:

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