Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter - Holga

Well, I know Easter was about a month ago, but I have been busy . . . . Anyway, here are a few snaps from my first time using a Holga. If you haven't seen a Holga before, it's basically a little plastic box of a camera (even the lens is plastic) that allows for almost no adjustment of exposure settings. Focusing is a little of a guessing game as well.

The reason to shoot with a camera like this, however, is because you get super-stylish and imperfect pictures, and have a blast while doing so. A couple amazing all-film photographers that I follow totally know how to rock this camera (Jon and Leo are geniuses with this camera, and Leo even shot an entire wedding with one).

Anyway, I will post some more Easter photos later. Enjoy.

Oh yea, thanks to Steve for snapping the pic of yours truly and for getting me the Holga for Christmas :)